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Energized! Secrets To Your Success

Dec 26, 2022

We need to change the way we think, realize there is no ceiling on anything. Instead of thinking of all the reasons why what you want can't happen, think of the reason why it can. 

Dec 19, 2022

You cannot take action in the past and you should dismiss the past from your mind. If you take action in the present with your mind on the future or your present action will be with a divided mind and not be effective. You cannot act where you are not, you cannot act where you have been, you cannot act where you are...

Dec 12, 2022

What you are seeking is also seeking you. In order to find success you must be totally consumed by it, and continually moving toward that objective. Whatever you are looking for in life is also looking for you, and with the same degree of effort as your level of interest in finding it.

Dec 5, 2022

Anyone can be a superstar if the “why” is strong enough. What is it you want out of life? Do you want something so badly that you are willing to make it your life purpose, your calling? Is your motto “I am going to be successful no matter what it takes? If it isn´t, it should be because the only way it will...

Nov 28, 2022

If you see an opportunity to move forward and it feels and looks like a good fit, then do not procrastinate, there is no prize given out for the person who wastes the most time, can´t make up his or her mind or never made any mistakes.